Our Services

Program Implementation

The focus of this 3hr 30min workshop is to objectively implement the D.A.P. program. This process will begin a chapter of the D.A.P. program at your university or place of work. During the session, the D.A.P. facilitator will coach participants through the program implementation and will clarify and express what it means to have diversity and cultural awareness on a collegiate level. The assessment and session will cover your universities intiatives or organization's current state as it relates to: •D.A.P. Manual Distribution •Issues dealing with LGBT issues and services •Programs on Men and Women relationships •Role Play Diversity Situations •Workshops on sexism •Multicultural Ice Breakers •Personal Culturally Based Games •Unity Initiative Scenarios and Activities •Readiness for inclusiveness •Workshop Templates •Leadership Accountability

Our Services

D.A.P. was designed to bring a variety of different races, people and backgrounds together. We offer sincere diversity training as well as development programs that stimulate the mind as well as the soul. With only being in its third year, D.A.P. has reached over 1200 participants with over 650 members. Our goal is to work with people to create adiverse community not only on your University Campus or Workplace, but also in our individual communities. We strive for excellence in respect, understanding and friendship. We hope that you join us and become a part of our family as well. Justin L. Brown D.A.P. Creator & President

Diversity Training

During this 90 minute workshop a D.A.P. facilitator will coach participants on the value and meaning of what it means to be culturally aware and diverse in an organization or university campus. During the session participants will engage in fun diversity activities, role playing, and cultural unity scenarios. Note:This is a simple training session and does not implement the D.A.P. program as a chapter at its respective place of training. •Accountability for Change •Resourceful Bound Initiatives •Session on Ageism •Cultural Progression •Ice Breakers on Social Issues •Role Play Cultural Situations •Training on Diversity Inclusion •Fun with Learning and Games •Certification in Diversity •Sexual Orientation and Inclusion